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I miss old school blogging.  My posts reflect that, meandering from current events to family updates to long form articles.  I know, I know. . . current blog gurus say Find your audience! Write in your niche!  But whatever. It’s my website.  

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April 2019

Our nature display changes more with the seasons, now that we are in a more traditional winter/spring/summer/autumn climate.

It’s spring now. See the twig that had new buds on it, before A6 dissected them? He added a green ribbon to stand for the green we can see from our apartment window, more each day. H3 found the hawk feather when we went for a hike through our friends’ woods. The rock holds amazing fossils — my friend Sarah and I found it during a nature walk at the #AOCM2019 getaway.

I made it through winter, and the hygge and the candles helped. Spring has entered slowly and I feel at peace.

Corporate Housing Woes

We are staying in corporate housing while Hubby is learning Albanian.

Downside? Tacky furniture and decorations, and our “stuff” is in storage.

Upside? Housekeeping comes every Friday!


We Remember Lydia Schatz

Photo of a smiling little girl from Liberia, "We Remember Lydia Schatz"


I’m not crying today, as I have in years past.  Is that because my compassion is waning? Perhaps it is simply that time and distance soften grief.

Those who knew Lydia describe her as a vivacious little girl with the most heart-warming smile.

Lydia was adopted from war-torn Liberia. She was one of nine children–six biological and three adopted. In so many ways, her family was lovely and loving. And yet, she died of rhabdomyolysis, in which her muscle tissues were broken down by repeated spankings from her adopted parents.

Each year I do my little part to try to remind the world of Lydia.

Each year I try to warn parents to not follow false teachings that lead to abuse.

Parents, hold your children tight. Be gentle with them. Nurture them.  Be discerning.

Then some children were brought to Him so that He might lay His hands on them and pray; and the disciples rebuked them. But Jesus said, “Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19



From the TG archives:

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God’s Favorites


My 6yo: Do you know God’s favorite football team? The Saints!

(He was listening to this morning’s sermon, intro to Philippians addressed to the saints if God.)

Snow and #ShutdownStories

Hubby took the kids out to play in the snow — and they were out there over an hour!

No pics, but they were adorable.

Best dad ever.


World’s Best Macchiato?

A friend summarized one of the reasons I’m so excited about our next move:

Kosovo has the BEST macchiatos in the region, rivaling Italy. This is a coffee culture, and most can be had for 50 euro cents, up to a Euro in the expensive places.”

(Check out these pics. . . I bet you’ll want to come visit!)


As I write this, I realize that this is good for me. . . It’s “Thinking Ahead,” the T in Building a RAFT.  I think I’ll pour a cup of my drip coffee, look forward to macchiatos, and browse Pintrest for more things to enjoy in Kosovo.



H3 and her babies.

Grandma made H3 and her baby matching nightgowns.  Her big brothers got her a baby stroller and two babies, and her cousin got her yet another baby!  H3 is in mommy-baby heaven, and can fit all of her babies and gear on the stroller.
Cocktails and Pearls

Cocktails and Pearls

“Hello, Mrs. Ambassador! Would you like a canape?”


“Hello, I’m a diplomat’s wife in a movie. I always have a cocktail in my hand, pearls around my throat & household help at my beck and call. I never need to deal with rats, insects the size of my hand, or pathetic looking produce. Oh, and I’m a spy.”

from @tulipgrrl on Twitter

Did you miss the the Bad Film Tropes twitter meme?

Add yours in the comments or on twitter. . .

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