Slowly. . .

I’m slowly re-re-rebuilding

I miss the days of blogging being the main way I gathered me thoughts and shared them with friends.

I’m frustrated with the stupid tech issues which have

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, once again, necessitated the complete nuking of my site.

January 1st was my 17th(?!) year blogging at Many years passed when little was posted. I’d rebuild, start posting, and then life and tech would thwart me.

Other years I would once again get back to the family journaling that was the purpose of this blog long ago. Journaling and getting on my soapbox about sound theology informing parenting and liberty and justice for all

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perfect money problems

, especially in Ukraine.

Derailed. . . again and again. . . and I’m back. Perhaps I’ll fill in the cracks of the archives. Perhaps I won’t.

At the least I want to capture the moments of daily life and gather my thoughts here, sharing them in hope of encouraging others.

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