Make new friends, but keep the old
One is silver and the other’s gold.

I remember this little ditty from Pixie Scouts, first grade – Adak, Alaska.   I was a Navy Brat.  Not a full-fledged Third-Culture Kid, but with enough similarities that when I’m going through resources about helping my kids adjust, I recognize myself.

I have friends, old and new, in the US and spread around world.  I feel like Facebook was designed for people like me.  I have friends tagged by where we lived when we met – California, Texas, Florida, Gtmo. . .

The web adds another dimension.  Shared interests bring people together online, acquaintances become friends, online exchanges become real-life relationships.

I remember the first time I got together for coffee with a friend I had previously only known online.  Our husbands and kids came along, too.  We met in a coffee shop.  It was a little tentative.  This was the early/mid- 90s and people still raised their eyebrows when you mentioned friends online.

Coming to Kyiv meant that I finally got to meet, in person, a friend I’ve known for years.   Anne and her husband Vitaliy live in Kyiv, working with a church, running a rehab center, advocating for safe birth, encouraging mothers, nurturing their own three children, and basically ministering to whomever God brings into their lives.   Including me.

Anne is one of those rare friends, an old-new friend, silver and gold.

Anne and Tulip