Hubby’s reading up on Kosovo before the move.

Me: “What’s the latest?”
Him: “Elections coming up soon.”
Me: “Not long after we arrive, right?”
Him: “About three weeks.”
Me: “Better keep my Go-Bag packed.”


Discovered that a case of organic coconut oil was overlooked during the consumables pack-out.  And that’s one of the things that I REALLY wanted to have shipped, use all the time, and don’t know whether I can easily get at our next post.


We packed out our consumables shipment last week. This is a “bonus” shipment for places where it can be hard to buy normal groceries and household supplies. We haven’t been at a post that is authorized a consumables shipment before this, so it is all trial-and-error for me.

A girlfriend who lived in Nassau at the same time we did visited as we prepped for the consumables shipment. She overheard T21 say, “Who needs THIS much almond butter?!” as he carried it in the house.

She laughed. I only have one case of almond butter and three cases of peanut butter. She thinks I didn’t buy enough!

Moms understand. . .