Yesterday I had the privilege of visiting Logos Center, a holistic community health center which has been pressed into service to house over 200 people fleeing the war in eastern Ukraine.

Founded and in large part supported by Ukrainians, Logos Center has been involved in their community for many years. The seizing of Crimea and invasion of eastern Ukraine by Russia has resulted in nearly half a million people fleeing their homes, often in fear of their lives for supporting a unified Ukraine.

These IDPs (colloquially known as refugees, officially these are considered internally displaced people, as they are in their home country), were at first welcomed with open arms, but are now facing more suspicion and discrimination. Some people mistakenly feel these people from eastern Ukraine “let” the Russians in, or should stay and fight. Yet, these are people who support a united Ukraine and have often been targeted because of that, leaving them no recourse but to flee to protect their families.

When I visited Logos Center, I was impressed at how much people were caring for one another. Cooking and cleaning schedules are well-organized, with everyone chipping in to make things run as smoothly as possible. Those who have been able to find jobs are working, children are in school, and people come together daily for times of prayer and community support.

Our guide was very respectful of people’s personal spaces, and yet we were allowed to visit one bunk room. In the space of my living room were about eight bunkbeds with makeshift privacy curtains made from sheets and blankets. Each bunk houses a family unit — in essence, a “new apartment” for them.

The Logos Center building previously housed a kindergarten, and so there are some classrooms which hold a smaller number of family groups — providing more privacy and dignity. Logos Center has been helping families successfully transition from the east to lives elsewhere, whether here in Kyiv or even in other countries. But even as families are leaving, they are getting calls every week of people in need of shelter and help, fleeing eastern Ukraine.

In our tour we were able to see the wing of Logos Center which is currently being renovated. I don’t know the details, but when this wing is finished I assume that Logos could double the number of families it is caring for. Work is stalled right now, however, due to funds.

Even more crucial than the expanded housing space, is a new heating system. This heating system will allow Logos Center to be less dependent on government heating, which itself is in a precarious position due to coal and oil being supplied in large part by Russia. In addition, their energy bill be cut by 2/3rds. This heating system will heat the whole facility, including the wing currently being renovated. Furthermore, it will provide a reliable source of hot water — currently they only have hot water about 2 hours a day, and the families take turns showering and bathing children.

This heating system is vital. And costly. The full budget for the heating system is $40,000 and HALF has already been donated by generous people in Ukraine, the US, and around the world. BUT IT IS GETTING COLDER EVERY DAY IN UKRAINE. Yesterday the high was just 19F/-7C. It is imperative that the heating system is finished as soon as possible.

And you can help.

The Fedoriw Family Foundation has generously offered to MATCH all gifts designated for the Logos Center Heating System as well as wire the money, at their expense, to Ukraine. Your donation given through this 501(c)3 is will be tax deductible, doubled, and sent to Ukraine on your behalf!

Can you send $100? It will become $200, and is a big step towards providing heat for these 200 refugees, and allow Logos to open its doors to more people in need. If just 100 of us can give $100, with the Fedoriw Foundation’s matching, then the heating system can be finished before it gets colder!

I know $100 is way out of budget for many of my friends. . . Can you spare $10? Every little bit helps, and God uses all our gifts. This is something I believe in. I have seen the families living at Logos Center and seen how they are both in great need AND working together to meet one another’s needs.

Give online via Go Fund Me.
To have your gift doubled, please earmark it: Heating System Fund Doubled By Fedoriw Family Foundation

Thank you for praying for and giving to Logos Center and the displaced people in Ukraine. Please share this with your friends.