My father-in-law is in hospice care at home. We know he is trusting Jesus and that his time to leave this broken world will be soon.

Needless to say, it’s been an intense week. We’ve all be at the grandparents house for parts of each day. The little kids have been playing quietly in Grandma’s room (she has the best toys!) and sometimes running around outside. It’s been good that we have all been there. But it still is a lot.

On our drive home last night, H4 let me know in no uncertain terms that she was tired of listening to Mommy’s podcasts. Frankly, so was I. I turned on the radio and started surfing through the radio stations. At the first one she said, “Stop! I love this!”

It was the classical station and the Name Day Overture by Beethoven was playing. (Not that I would have known that had not the digital radio had the title showing.)

We listened together as we drove.

“This makes me feel happy!” H4 exclaimed.