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A8 making banana bread. Obvs, the picture isn’t posed — my kitchen is a mess!

Making banana bread reminds me of my friend Kari in Nassau. Every Wednesday we would go to her house for a playdate. Often she would make banana bread — inviting the kids to squish the bananas and dipping into her precious Trader Joe’s chocolate chip stash.

Many people indulged in the domestic arts during the early covid shutdown.

Not me. My kombucha soured. I neglected it so long that it started growing a green dusty mold. I stopped feeding Skander, my wild-caught sourdough starter.

In July, A8 asked if we could make banana bread. A sign of adapting to our “new normal” — I agreed.

He is now our resident banana bread baker. This is the recipe we have adapted — easy to read, ingredients we usually have on hand, measurement adjustments for where we live. Hubby says it’s the best he’s ever had.

A8’s Banana Bread Recipe