Over the past couple of years, Hubby has started painting gaming models. (Warhammer 40k, for you geeks out there.)
Just in the past few months, he’s been focusing more on the technique and color theory. Picked up a book from the Goodwill Bookstore yesterday and was reading it last night.
He commented: “This makes so much sense. I’ve been thinking about and doing these things — using washes, figuring out how various paints react to each other — and now understanding the theory. . . it all makes sense!”
And of course our conversation veered to talking about homeschooling and why we value the children experiencing (and experimenting) so much in the natural world and with play during the pre-literate years.

We want them to have an intuitive experience of these things, so that when they learn the vocabulary and theories, they have the same lightbulb moment Hubby had of “So THIS is why it works that way. . .”

I’m in a FB group with Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn of Trivium Pursuit.  I remember reading their “Ten Things to do with Your Child Before Age Ten” in 1996.   That was the year that my oldest was born and I was helping my mother-in-law homeschool her two youngest while she ran the business.  We were both impacted by that list and it shaped much of what we did that year (and many future years with my kids.)

Laurie posted the article “The Right Brain Develops First ~ Why Play is the Foundation for Academic Learning” recently which reminded me of the conversation with Hubby and why I want to keep focusing on play and experiences for my 4yo and 7yo.


This is the eye-catching image used in the article linked above.