Brand Loyalty – #MomHack

Monday #MomHack. . .  Brand loyalty works.


When I was younger, I never really understood my mother-in-law’s brand loyalty.  I was always looking for the best price/quality combo, and kept trying out new things.


Now? I buy the same things, same brands, over and over and over.


Why? It is streamlined and I don’t have to waste my precious decision making energy on figuring out best price/quality combo. What I get is a good-enough price/quality combo and a known quantity without too much thought.


I buy my husband the same brand dress shirts for work.  We all wear the same size/brand of socks (works with adult-sized people in the house!) Amazon Sub&Save works, because I get the same things all the time. <– Some of those are affiliate links, but I’m blogging for fun, not profit.


Decision fatigue is a thing — and brand loyalty is just one way to #MomHack your way through it.


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