Heir to the Raven

You probably aren’t surprised that I’m my husband’s biggest fan.

His most recent book is “Heir to the Raven,” the first in The Pierced Veil epic fantasy series.

You can buy it at Amazon or your favorite book seller.

He’s currently working on the first draft of The Magpie Queen,and if you are interested in more of his writing, check out his website at J. Wesley Bush.

The Connection Equation

 Don’t you wish there was a magic formula for good parenting? We know there isn’t. . . and yet, there are things we CAN do to build connection with our kids.

The Connection Equation is my current writing project, a non-formulaic approach to provide parents with practical tools for strengthening relationship between parents and teens. 

In early 2019 I’ll be facilitating the Connection Equation Mastermind, a six-week in person workshop in the NOVA/DC area.  Space is limited to the parents of five families. 



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Whether it is facilitating a workshop or speaking to a group, I'm available to help you develop practical skills to help you connect with your teens.  


Always happy to do audio, video, or written interviews on topics related to connecting with teens, covenant theology, and expat living.  tulipgrrl@gmail.com

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