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Hug & Pray: Tools for Parenting

When I was a punitive parent, I had a “script” of sort. When child did X then I said or did Y. Leaving that behind was hard because all of a sudden I didn’t know what TO do, just what I did NOT want to do. We...

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Listening Children

My father-in-law is in hospice care at home. We know he is trusting Jesus and that his time to leave this broken world will be soon. Needless to say, it’s been an intense week. We’ve all be at the grandparents house...

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Writing and Blogging and Facebook, Oh My!

I have been writing a lot lately. I have a collection of composition books and in each one I have lists and jots of ideas and sermon notes and journals. My writing is serving a purpose for me. But I miss the thinking-out-loud of...

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Business cards with color-coded names as luggage tags. Bonus points for laminating them. Only took me how many moves to master this? #TravelHack #ItsTheFSLifeForMe

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Hero Mother

With four boys in tow all holding hands, I remember hurrying to the metro in Kyiv in the early...

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The Dreaded Teenage Years

When I was a teen, I balked at the idea of being a “teenager.” I remember discussions that the idea of “teenager” was a social construct that ought to be rejected. It was as if rejecting the term could also do away with the...

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April 2019

Our nature display changes more with the seasons, now that we are in a more traditional winter/spring/summer/autumn climate. It’s spring now. See the twig that had new buds on it, before A6 dissected them? He added a green...

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Corporate Housing Woes

We are staying in corporate housing while Hubby is learning Albanian. Downside? Tacky furniture and decorations, and our “stuff” is in storage. Upside? Housekeeping comes every Friday!...

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We Remember Lydia Schatz

  I’m not crying today, as I have in years past.  Is that because my compassion is waning? Perhaps it is simply that time and distance soften grief. Those who knew Lydia describe her as a vivacious little girl with...

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Hi, I'm Alexandra.
I write to encourage us as we become the people God has created us to be -- especially in the realms of nurturing our children and using our talents right where we are.

Six kids. INFP. Reformed & covenantal. Liberty & justice for all. Speaker. Current project: Helping parents connect with teens.

I started blogging as TulipGirl in 2004. Tech crashes and life derailed the site. The archives are gone, but I'm glad to be back.

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