Alexandra K. Bush 

Hi, I'm Alexandra -- but you may have met me as TulipGirl. 

I write to encourage us as we become the people God has created us to be -- especially in the realms of nurturing our children and using our talents right where we are.

Six kids. INFP. Reformed & covenantal. Liberty & justice for all. Speaker. Current project: Helping parents connect with teens.

I started blogging as TulipGirl in 2004. Tech crashes and life derailed the site. The archives are gone, but I'm glad to be back.

You may be looking for. . .

The Connection Equation

Don't you wish there was a magic formula for good parenting? We know there isn't. . . and yet, there are things we CAN do to build connection with our kids.

On the Blog

I miss old school blogging.  My posts reflect that, meandering from current events to family updates to long form articles.  I know, I know. . . current blog gurus say Find your audience! Write in your niche!  But whatever. It’s my website.  

Need Encouragement?

Whether you are in the throes of changing diapers or giving driving lessons, we all benefit from inspiration from others. The Mommy Encouragement Files are where I collect wisdom other moms and record what I'm learning, too.

God made you the mother of your children.  You are just the right mother for the little ones God has entrusted to you.  They are the just right children for you.  No one can love and know your children like you do.

– Alexandra K. Bush

Meet Alexandra

Summer 2018

Group Workshop • Sarasota, FL

How can we stay connected with our teens as they transition to adulthood? In the Start with Understanding workshop, you'll discover the importance of understanding of typical adolescent development as well as knowing your specific child. You'll leave with specific strategies to deepen your relationship, and encouragement that it is actually possible!

January 2019

TBD • Washington, D.C.

You know a closer relationship with your teen is possible and you are ready to put in the effort.  Join a six-week Connecting with Teens Mastermind to focus on personal and parenting growth. Space is limited to the parents in five families. Contact Alexandra at for more information.

Schedule an Event

Whether it is facilitating a workshop or speaking to a group, I'm available to help you develop practical skills to help you connect with your teens.


Always happy to do audio, video, or written interviews on topics related to connecting with teens, covenant theology, and expat living.

Reach out

I love connecting with friends -- old and new.  Feel free to email.  I try to respond quickly.  Try.