Last year, I put my freshman college student on the plane from post, gave him a hug, and he was off to college. As an “international” student, he had someone meet him at the airport and the international student group made newcomer’s beds with sheets (so sweet.)

This year, I’m in a FB group for this college for parents. So many questions… Ones I didn’t even think about… About the dorms, transportation, lots of details.

It’s triggered a little mommy-guilt in me… Was I not supportive enough? Should I have gone with him to settle in? Should I have bought him a dorm minifridge? Did he have everything he needed? (Thank goodness for those international student-sheets!)

But the story I’m telling myself if that he is a capable young man.

And he is.  Well-traveled and able to handle unexpected bumps in the road.  His faith is strong (and weak, and strong. . .)

Our relationship is honest and he knows he can always text  me. He’s handling his independence well.